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For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has required us to get creative about what constitutes our “new normal.” From distance learning to working from home, we’ve had to carve out space and set up shop from our home offices-bedrooms-bathrooms-closets. Even as our communities begin to open up again, many of us are faced with the ongoing challenge of working from home indefinitely. Feeling stressed out at the prospect of suddenly being a telecommuter? Don’t be. We’ve put together the must-have technology to help you work from home in 2020—to make your “new normal” not only more productive, but more enjoyable, too.

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Make the Most Out of Your Monitor

From Zoom meetings and spreadsheets to stock market news, your computer monitor is one of the most important investments you can make when working from home. You’ll want one that’s big enough to prevent eye strain and wide enough to make opening and closing multiple windows a breeze. A gentle curved design that mimics the curve of the human eye makes this monitor particularly appealing (hello, panoramic views!), but its thin, sleek design makes it ideal for not taking up coveted workspace on your desk or table.

If you’re going to invest in a new monitor, consider also a monitor arm, which allows for the adjustment of height and angle of your monitor for the most ergonomic work experience. Tension headaches, migraines and back pain can all be side effects of working at odd angles for long periods of time; a monitor arm will combat strain on the body while allowing you to move it out of the way when you’re done for the day.

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Invest in a Webcam

Sure, your laptop has a camera. But if working from home now requires daily on-camera meetings, you might want to invest in a high quality webcam that can deliver high-resolution, professional-looking video to those on the other end of the call. An added bonus? Webcams can sit atop your computer monitor, so you’re not staring down into a laptop screen at an awkward angle. Pair your new webcam with a lighting tool to illuminate your face evenly and professionally, no matter where in your home you’re positioned.

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Hello to Wireless Headphones

Think of noise-canceling headphones as a way to not only be more productive while working remotely, but as an investment in your sanity! Wireless, noise-canceling headphones help ward off the distractions that can syphon hours from your workday while allowing you to conduct your conference calls hands-free. Plus, they’ll do double duty for your favorite music, podcast or movie—all without disturbing those around you.

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Sit In Style

Who says comfortable office chairs have to look utilitarian? Thanks to the sleek stylings of this rolling office chair, working from home just got a little more inviting. Choose a chair that rolls for ease of movement and adjusting your comfort level, and a firm but soft surface to make sitting more appealing. Need something a bit more ergonomic? The adjustable height, back, arms and angles of these thoughtfully designed chairs take remote work to the next level.

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Keep It Clean

Whether you’ve converted an additional bedroom to your home office or are making the most of your kitchen table, nothing can trip up a dedicated home workspace faster than a messy tangle of cables. Keep your remote workspace clean with cable organizers and drops that help secure computer and monitor cables, hide charger cords and provide an overall sense of organization—and aesthetics— that will help keep you focused on the task at hand.


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