Our Favorite Garden Trends for 2022

Our Favorite Garden Trends for 2022

With the spring season in full swing, many of us are looking for gardening inspiration to get us excited about more time outdoors. These garden trends for 2022 have it all: From eco-friendly forethought and garden-as-supermarket to elevating the work-from-home lifestyle, there’s something for everyone this year. Grab your shovel and get ready to be inspired, because with gardens this fun to create, you’ll want to spend as much time as possible enjoying Connecticut’s sunshine!

Making native plants a priority

One of the top garden trends for 2022 is creating a garden that gives back to the environment. Pollinators, including bees and other species, are facing increased dangers from pesticides, non-native plants, habitat loss, climate change and other factors. Without pollinators, our food supply and overall ecological balance faces disruption. With the crisis growing more grave each year, many gardeners are committing to making growing native plants in their yards and gardens a priority.

Native plants of the northeast can not only support pollinators, but they’re beautiful additions to your garden, as well!

Garden as home office

With hybrid work still going strong for many, converting garden spaces to miniature outdoor work spaces has become a popular trend in 2022, and no wonder. Who doesn’t want to get a little more Vitamin D while logging on to yet another meeting?

Creating a space to sit comfortably outside while using plants as natural barriers and to absorb sound can go a long way to improving your mood during the work day. Factor in what you’d need to to work inside: A table or desk, chair (no one said it can’t be a chaise lounge!), some shade to keep you and your laptop cool on hot days, and lighting that works if you need to appear on camera. If using planters, vary them in width and height to create visual interest and to ensure some privacy around your work space. Now grab your sunscreen and get ready to make your co-workers jealous!

Vegetables in planters

If you don’t have room for a traditional vegetable garden, or are unsure how much of your lawn you want to commit to growing one, the vegetables-in-planters trend may be for you.

While corn, large melons or pumpkins don’t typically grow well in planters, you can grow the makings of great summer salads if you have enough sun and your planters are primed for optimal drainage. Whether you start from seed or use seedlings, keep in mind that each have benefits and drawbacks. You’ll want to do a bit of research as to which makes the most sense for your vegetable planter garden and the light your yard receives, but once you have the right set-up, you may be shocked at how easy it is to grow vegetables in planters!

Cutting garden

Last but not least, the cutting garden is becoming ever more popular, and this year is no exception. A cutting garden offers beautiful flowers that bloom in intervals so there’s always a show of color in your garden, but the intent here is to have flowers to cut and enjoy indoors and out. Bonus? Saving money on trips to the store to buy flowers and cutting down on climate-harming emissions that occur when transporting flowers.

Need some help figuring out how to plant your cutting garden? Start by doing your research on bloom times, heights, and light requirements. Then grab your seed packets and start your cutting garden! With a little work ahead of time and diligence while your flowers are growing, you’ll have beautiful flowers to grace your home inside and out, all summer long. Talk about a return on your investment!


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