Increasing Your Home’s Value- Tip #2- Kitchen

Here is Part 2 in a series of quick posts I’m writing that is designed to give you ideas on how to increase your home’s value (inspired from my own experiences). Please feel free to post your comments below, with your own suggestions!

Nowadays more and more people seem to prefer to stay close to home and view their homes as a retreat, a sort of haven… If the place you call home needs a bit of TLC, or you’re looking to increase its value, there are ways to do so while staying within your budget. There are many payoffs – the obvious one being that you will enjoy living in your house, and another being that you may also maintain or increase its value, in the event you ever need to sell.


Tip #2: Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is one of the focal points of a home- the main gathering spot for sharing food and time together with friends & family.  Back in the fall, my sister decided that her own kitchen needed some warming up and updating. She achieved this by doing the following: Painting the walls with complementary colors, using eco-friendly material countertops to replace old ones, (over her existing cabinets), replacing her cabinet hardware with artisan cabinet pulls and handles. The final change was replacing her old appliances with ‘Energy Star’ rated ones. I love her new kitchen and really feel it has added to the overall value of her home. Not to mention the fact that she enjoys entertaining in it so much more (i.e. invites us over for dinner more often!)


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Written by Camille Urbano, Relocation Coordinator, Calcagni Associates



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