How Do I Create a Chic Tablescape for the Holidays?

You Ask, We Answer: How Do I Create a Chic Tablescape for the Holidays?


Here at Calcagni Real Estate, we can’t wait to gather with our loved ones in the coming months. With autumn’s chill blanketing our Connecticut homes lately, we’re reminded that the holidays are right around the corner! Before we know it, we’ll be trading ghosts and witches for turkeys and cornucopia, and that means creating holiday tablescapes that feel celebratory and cozy—something that will make our guests feel special and welcome. If you’re wondering how to create a chic tablescape for the holidays, keep reading. These easy tips will help you create a wow factor in no time!


Layer it on


A beautiful holiday tablescape is all about layering: plates, linens, and decor. If you don’t have them already, consider investing in chargers to really amp up impact underneath your dinner plates. These larger plates are purely for show, but they add an elegant aesthetic and help round out your holiday table.

Chargers can really pull your holiday table decor together because they play up the theme you’ve chosen. If you’ve gone the classic, more formal route, a gleaming charger in gold or silver can serve as a showcase for your treasured formal china. Trying a more understated look? Reach for a charger of natural woven fiber, like rattan, to give an earthy yet sophisticated visual.


Add natural elements


Ask any Connecticut homeowner one of their favorite parts of living here, and they’re bound to say they love experiencing all four seasons. Incorporating some natural seasonal elements in your holiday tablescape is an effortless way to really dress up your table while honoring the beauty of where we live.

For fall gatherings, reach for pumpkins, gourds, hypericum berries, or even twigs to create an autumnal aesthetic that reflects the bounty of autumn in Connecticut. Winter holidays call for greenery—like pine branches—holly berries, colorful fruit (we love pomegranates and oranges studded with cloves, for instance), and herbs like rosemary for beauty and subtle fragrance.


Mix multiple textures


One of the easiest ways to create an interesting holiday tablescape is to mix up the textures on the table. If you have matte dinner plates, for instance, add a metallic charger or gilded wine glasses. Linen tablecloth? Try velvet napkins or layer on a sheer embroidered table runner to add visual interest. A multi-textured tablescape makes holiday entertaining feel festive and special—exactly how you want your guests to feel, as well!


Stagger candle heights


If you’re incorporating candles into your tablescape (and who doesn’t love the instant ambiance candles provide?), consider using varying heights to add depth and dimension.

Unscented candles, like those made of beeswax, won’t compete with the delicious aromas of your food—and they’re also better for guests with allergies or fragrance sensitivities. By adding tea lights, pillars, and tapers in different widths and heights, you’ll be scattering the warm glow of candlelight both high and low while creating a more interesting visual for guests to gather around.


Simplify your color palette


A chic holiday tablescape often has simplicity at its core. Streamlining a color palette is an easy way to add instant sophistication and to allow the beauty of the meal to really shine, as well. Try sticking to two or three colors and work them into your linens, plates, and centerpiece—and don’t be afraid to shy away from the same old shades of red, green, or other expected combinations. Leaning toward moss greens or sages and ivories instead of deep evergreen and stark white, for instance, adds an updated take on classic color palettes.

However you decide to create your holiday tablescapes this year, we hope you enjoy gathering with your loved ones. Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday season ahead!


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