How Can I Save Money When I Move?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Save Money When I Move?

Your Calcagni Real Estate agent has helped you find your new home, and it’s time to think about moving into it. Hurray! But if the cost of moving is leaving you feeling less than excited, you’re not alone. Moving is expensive, and comes at a time when your wallet may be feeling thinner than usual. Take heart and keep reading, because we’re sharing some helpful tips on how you can save money when you move into your new Connecticut home.

Donate, donate, donate

The first way to save money when you move happens before you even book your movers! Going through your current home and getting rid of unwanted or unused items can go a long way to saving you money, since the less you have to move, the less you have to pay.

Whether it’s outdated furniture or outgrown toys, clothes that you haven’t worn in years or stacks of paper and magazines you’ve never gotten around to reading, unused items can add up to a lot of boxes and bags you don’t need to pay someone to move with you. Check with your local shelter or thrift shop to see if they’re taking donations for clothes and accessories that are in good condition, or ask your local church if they have suggestions on where to donate. Or, host a tag sale to make a little money while thinning out clutter. EBay or local Facebook groups may also be helpful tools in selling those items you don’t want to give away for free.

The bottom line? Less stuff = more savings. That’s a moving day equation we can get behind!

Consider moving “off season”

Moving “off season” is often a great way to save money. In general, this translates to moving between late September through April. These months tend to be slower for moving companies, so they often drop their rates to attract more business.

This may not be an option if you have children who are in school, but if you can make the timing work, you may end up with significant savings.

Rent reusable moving containers

Buying moving boxes, paper, plastic wrap, and tape that you’ll only use once and then throw away can get costly and can be hard on the environment—not to mention the mess of cardboard boxes in the rain! Nowadays, you can choose a more eco- and cost-friendly option by renting reusable moving containers.

These reusable plastic moving bins are cleaned and sterilized between uses and come with zip ties to secure them closed, plus stickers to make labeling a breeze. You can schedule their delivery and pick-up dates, which can help motivate you to unpack in a timely fashion. One helpful hint that’s worked well? Skip the bubble wrap and paper and wrap your fragile items in your clothing, bedding, or bath towels, then pack them in the reusable moving crates. You’ll save money on supplies, protect your breakables, and won’t have to rent separate crates for just your clothes!

Be 100% ready when the movers arrive

Packing takes time—and inevitably, it always takes more time than you think it will. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time in the weeks preceding your move to pack up and be fully ready when the movers arrive. If you’re not, you’ll still end up paying the movers for their time while they watch you race around throwing items in bags or boxes—and that’s not only a waste of money, it’s incredibly stressful!

Take furniture apart yourself

If you’re able to disassemble your furniture ahead of the movers’ arrival, do. This will save precious time (and time = money!) on moving day, and may even help protect your furniture since you may be more apt to be gentle with it. Remove legs from couches, tables and desks, take your bed frame apart, and remove lamps shades from their bases. All of these small tasks add up, and the more you do ahead of time, the fewer hours your movers will be able to charge.

Whenever you schedule your big move, remember that stress is common during such a monumental time. By preparing ahead of time, you can save yourself time, money, and many headaches when moving day arrives!


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