How Can I Make My Home a Pet-Friendly Oasis?


You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Make My Home a Pet-Friendly Oasis?


It’s no secret that at Calcagni Real Estate, we love our pets. If you’re a pet lover like we are, you’ve probably been known to spoil your animal here and there (we’re guilty!). But have you ever thought about making upgrades to your Connecticut home for the sole purpose of making your pet’s life that much better? We’re taking pet-loving to a new level with tweaks to make your home the ultimate pet oasis.


Hideaway feeding drawer


Whether your Connecticut home is ruled by your dog or your cat, a hideaway feeding drawer is a brilliant, space-saving option to keep them well-fed and you happy that you’re no longer tripping over their bowls.

Consider retrofitting an existing kitchen cabinet to hold the food and water bowls. At mealtime, simply pull the drawer out and fill as needed. We love toe-kick drawers to make life easier for us (and harder for them to get into, just in case!). Have a kitchen island with plenty of room? Consider building out a special nook for pet meals; this one even has its own faucet for easy clean up and water bowl refills!


Catio space


If your cat’s outdoor curiosity makes you nervous, consider building them a catio. This special cat patio allows them all the fresh air they want, while protecting them from speeding cars, neighborhood dogs, or getting lost—not to mention protecting the birds in your yard.

With wood frames, galvanized wire, a wire or clear polycarbonate roof, your catio can be designed to your specifications. With staggered shelving for your cat to rest on and safely watch the outdoor world go by, a catio can be a safe option for the kitty who prefers the great outdoors.


Miniature Murphy bed


If you’re tired of the same frumpy dog bed taking up valuable floor space in your home, meet the miniature Murphy bed for dogs. It’s a bed you can build yourself if you’re feeling inspired (or purchase if you prefer) but the idea is the same: A cute cabinet that blends into your decor opens up to reveal a foldaway dog (or cat) bed that your pet can curl up comfortably on. When it’s time to be up and about, the bed folds away, leaving your floors free of clutter for a room that looks instantly put together. Why didn’t we think of this?!


A pet washing station


If you’re tired of trying to lure your dog into the tub only to have them splash water all over the bathroom, jump out and run down the hall before you even get a good lather worked up, you may consider a pet washing station in your home.

Rooms with water access—like a laundry room—make an ideal place for a pet washing station. Leftover tiles from that backsplash project? Opt for using them on the pet tub to give it a seamless and cozy look that blends right in. Add a removable shower head to keep bathing easy and mess-free, and go ahead and reach for a clean towel to dry off your furry friend. It is the laundry room, after all!


Under the stairs nook


Think of an under-the-stairs-nook as a Harry Potter closet for your pet. If your dog crate takes up way too much room in your living space, this is an ideal solution for everyone in the house—and for cats, having a small space to curl up in may just make them feel cozy and secure.

An under the stairs pet nook can be finished to create a sweet, safe space for your pet to relax. Add a soft bed and some of their favorite toys, and it just may become their favorite room in the house! If you’re looking to replace the functional metal dog crate with an option that blends into your decor, add a crate-like door to keep them safe and out of trouble while still allowing plenty of air flow. It’s a great use of space for any pampered pet.


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