How Can I Keep My Countertops Clutter-Free?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Keep My Countertops Clutter-Free?

No matter how much counter space we have in our kitchens, somehow, it never feels like enough. This is probably because the kitchen truly is the heart of any home: a place to eat, to socialize, to do homework or jump on a work call. With all the ways kitchens meet our needs, it makes sense that our countertops become catch-alls as we move through our days. But having clutter-free countertops doesn’t just make mealtime easier; neat counters can also help reduce the stress associated with clutter. Here are some of our tried-and-true ways to keep the countertops in your Connecticut home clutter-free.

Pare down duplicates

When it comes to having duplicates (or triplicates!) in the kitchen, we’re guilty! Multiple wooden spoons, a few whisks, some different-sized spatulas thrown in for good measure, and it’s no wonder one of the items taking up counter space in our Connecticut kitchens is a utensil crock! But paring down multiples may mean that suddenly, we actually can fit our cooking utensils in a drawer instead of keeping them on the counter.

Take a look at your inventory and edit it down with a critical eye: Do you really need all of those wooden spoons, or will you still be able to cook with just one or two of them? The same goes for extra cups, bowls, coffee mugs, and water bottles that may be taking up shelves, cabinets, or counters that can be utilized for organizing and freeing up clutter on your countertops.

Award “most used” appliances with counter space

Just as we need to edit down our cooking utensils, editing appliances that we don’t use regularly can make a big difference on decluttering our kitchen counters. Maybe it’s a toaster or a blender; maybe it’s your prized Kitchen Aid mixer–whatever appliance you don’t use daily, try to move it off the countertop and into a cabinet or onto a shelf. You may be surprised by just how much more counter space you get just from this one move; it may be the difference between having a place to put a pan still hot from the oven and not having anywhere safe to do so.

Make it magnetic

Knife blocks, utensil crocks–while they’re great if you have the room for them, they can also take up valuable countertop real estate and result in a more cluttered-looking kitchen. One way to keep things organized that will free up counter space? Install a magnetic knife/utensil holder on the wall or on the side of the refrigerator. It will keep knives and metal utensils close by for food prep while helping to declutter your countertops from bulky knife blocks and utensil holders.

Roll up your dish rack

Dish racks are essential for handwashing and for smaller amounts of dirty dishes, but they can take up a lot of precious counter space when you’re not using them. Swap out your stationary dish rack for one that rolls up into a negligible footprint and can be placed directly over the sink so as not to compete with anything else on the counter. Plus, it’s super easy to rinse clean!

Create a message center

Last but not least, creating a centralized “message center” where your family can drop keys, sunglasses, wallets or purses, along with a calendar (we love a white board for its endless possibilities!) to keep track of schedules and a bulletin board for organizing odds and ends that tend to land all over countertops is a huge help in decluttering countertops. You don’t need a large area for your “message center,” but you may be surprised at how big of an impact creating one has on the tidiness of your kitchen counters.


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