How Can I Find My Dream Home?

You Ask, We Answer: How Can I Find My Dream Home?

If you’ve been scrolling through Connecticut homes for sale, chances are, you have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to what your dream home should look like. But have you considered the elements of your next home that will actually improve your quality of life? When it comes to ensuring your Calcagni Real Estate has a clear picture of exactly what your dream home entails, preparation is key. Let’s dive into thinking about real estate beyond aesthetics—and get you one step closer to calling that house you can’t stop thinking about “home.”

Get a clear financial picture

When it comes to buying Connecticut real estate, the first step to securing your dream home is to get a clear picture of what you can afford. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage will help you understand the houses within reach of your budget. Consider what you will need for a down payment. If the house suddenly needs repairs, do you have enough money saved to cover them? Will you be open to a fixer-upper? If so, would you want to renovate prior to moving in, or are you comfortable living in the home and making repairs over the long run? Or, are you someone who wants new construction so you don’t have to worry about paying for repairs or remodeling anytime soon?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help your Calcagni Real Estate agent focus their attention on homes that fit not just your financial picture, but your preferences for the amount of work the home will require for you to live there happily.

Needs vs. wants

Take a look around your current home. What do you love about it? What would you change if you could? Are there things about your kitchen that drive you crazy when you’re cooking or entertaining? Do you love having a pool and use it often?

Getting clear on what you need (three bedrooms, or a functioning space in which to cook, for instance) and what you want (a skylight would be lovely) will help you decide what’s up for compromise, and what’s non-negotiable. The more listings you see with your Calcagni agent, the more you may be open to compromising the “wants” on your list. Your priorities for what you need probably won’t change, but the “nice to haves” might. Having a clear picture before you start looking will help keep you on the right track, and help ensure you’re not giving up something you’ll really regret later on.

Details matter

You may love that photo of the historic downtown home with the wraparound porch, but honing details beyond aesthetics will go a long way in helping you come closer to finding your dream home.

If you do love historic homes, are you willing to take on repairs that older homes may require? Or do you prefer newer construction and the modern amenities they bring? Do you prefer multiple stories? If so, how many? Do you need a designated home office, and if so, how many bedrooms would you need in addition to that? Do you need an in-law apartment? Would you prefer one-level living? Do you enjoy driving to run errands, or would you prefer to be in a walkable downtown area?

Make a detailed list of what you like and don’t—and be as honest as possible. You may love the idea of a big yard, but in practice, caring for it may be a source of stress for you. Carefully consider your current lifestyle, and what will work for you in your daily life.

Plan for the future

But it’s not just enough to think about your daily life now. Planning for the future can also be hugely beneficial in finding your dream home—and helping you stay there as your life changes.

Are you hoping to start a family, or do you have young children? Think about room for a nursery or how many bedrooms you’ll need as they grow. Do you need wheelchair access, or may stairs become a problem down the road? Maybe a home with single-level living would be ideal now, and later on in life. Will you need a garage? Are sidewalks important for your daily walks?

By thinking beyond just what your dream home looks like, and carefully considering how you’ll live your day to day in the type of home you love, you and your Calcagni Real Estate agent can fine-tune your home search—and ensure you’ll be happy in the home you end up buying, long into the future.


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