Houses ARE Still Selling!

People love to talk about real estate! Whether it’s at my doctor’s office, hairdresser or just visiting with friends, I get asked about real estate all the time. They know that I handle the marketing and do not sell, but they can’t help themselves – they just have to ask.

Especially now with all of the negative press about the housing market. I quickly remind them that they need to keep in mind that the things they hear or read about in the news aren’t always indicative of what’s really happening in our local market. And although I can’t deny that sales have slowed down over the past year – houses are still selling!

In January alone (typically a slower month in real estate), we saw showings on our properties increase by a rate of 33% over last year during the same 1-month period. What does this mean? Buyers are out there and they are looking to buy.

Written by Kathy Bauer, Director of Marketing, Calcagni Associates


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