Earth Day DIY Planter

Looking for an idea of how to celebrate Earth Day? How about planting some flowers. Planting is a relaxing hobby and can help you unwind from any stress you may be feeling. It also makes for a fun activity to do with children of all ages. Mason jars, plastic bottles, and milk or juice cartons can all be repurposed as planters.


If you’re using a mason jar, fill the bottom of the jar with some pebbles or smaller sized rocks. Next, fill the jar in with potting soil. Once you have the potting soil in, then you can plant your seeds. You can use any tool from a toothpick to a spoon to help plant the seeds. Finally, make sure to give it a little water.


If using a plastic bottle, cut the bottle in half. Next, you should secure a piece of thin cloth at the top with a rubber band around the neck of the bottle or poke a hole in the cap. Finally, fill the upper half of the bottle with soil and plant the seeds. Rest the top half in the bottom half. This allows the water to drain out the neck into the bottom half of the bottle.


Using a juice or milk carton? Take a box cutter or pair of scissors and remove one of the sides lengthwise. Due to the possibility of sharp edges, cover the sides in decorative duct tape or washi tape. Using a small screwdriver, or the tip of a pair of scissors, poke holes into the bottom to create drainage holes. Finally, fill the planter with potting soil and add your seeds. When watering, make sure to let all excess water drain before moving the planter from the sink to another surface.

We hope that you have fun making your planters!


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