Calcagni Real Estate is delighted to announce the appointment of Jennifer DeVivo as the new Wallingford Sales Manager.  Jen has worked with Calcagni for 13 years and is still as enchanted by the company’s values and atmosphere as when she started:  “There was never anywhere else I considered going or ever would.  I love the local feeling we have.  I didn’t want to be a nameless face in a large corporation.  Our input and ideas are valued here.  There is such a family atmosphere throughout all our offices…we all work together so well and have fun at what we do.”

Though “prepared” is always a favorable adjective when referencing change, it is too modest of a word to describe Jen’s readiness for this role.  Always a strong team member, she holds prudent outlooks on business and leadership:  “You need to lead by example, take chances, and think outside the box.  You cannot expect agents to do what you are unwilling to do.  Our agents know I genuinely care about them, not only professionally but also personally.  I really feel honored to be able to lead such an amazing team of people who I am happy to also call my friends.”

With every certainty that Jen is the right person to represent our Wallingford office and our broader Calcagni family, we congratulate her on this accomplishment and we welcome this positive evolution of our brand.


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