Calcagni Commercial Moves to New Haven

After years of representing clients’ commercial addresses, we’re changing our own; at the close of 2015, Calcagni Real Estate’s corporate team decided that the exponential growth and burgeoning prominence of its Calcagni Commercial division warranted relocation to a growing metropolis.

As of Monday, April 4th, Calcagni Commercial’s operations relocated from Calcagni Real Estate’s Cheshire headquarters at 330 South Main Street to 195 College Street in New Haven. Previously the exclusive space of Calcagni Real Estate’s College & Crown apartment leasing representatives, the office was renovated and is now shared with the Commercial team.

This synergy is an intentional one, overlaying two rosters of high-energy and creatively inclined real estate experts. Calcagni Commercial also favored this move for the geographical benefits; New Haven affords an easy commute to New York and Hartford, granting timely access to private and institutional clients.

New Haven’s status as one of Connecticut’s liveliest corporate and cultural hubs provided the final inducement for the move. With 2015 sales tallying over $25 million and projected 2016 sales of more than double that number, College Street now hosts a team as dynamic as the city itself.


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