Pierpont Hill New Home Community in North Haven

Gifts and candy bars aren’t the only treats you can unwrap.  On Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of May, we’re unwrapping our homes at Pierpont Hill in North Haven.  Never fear, this does not involve peeling back shingles or wallpaper or any variety of manual labor; we assure you that all manicures will remain in-tact and hands blister-free.

Our unwrapping is of the visual and enlightening sort.  During this two-day event, we will provide a behind-the-walls look at our homes to reveal the benefits of new construction.  From insulation to heating and cooling to window performance, you’ll understand the savings and safety of our careful construction choices.

Additionally, we’re ready to present two new models, the Ives and the Wallace.  While we couldn’t find a supplier with red bows of an appropriate size for this unveiling, your chin will still meet the ground as you tour these uncommon homes and finally realize that houses can be hipster, too…and you’re more than okay with it.

Visit our website and our event to experience our redefined version of unwrapping.  Tape and tissue paper need not attend.



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