Calcagni Celebrates 50 Years in Business

We as a culture associate particular years with particular events and trends.  2018 was a year of social movements and hashtags, a royal wedding, the Winter Olympics, and major Avengers cliff hangers.  It was such a dynamic stretch of time that we ask aloud how 2019 will match it?

Grand events and worldwide markers like these are important, but we see equal value in news stories that are a little more little.  A little more local.  We do hope that 2019 sees blockbusters, societal progression, and titillating celebrity gossip but, either way, it will be special for us because Calcagni Real Estate is celebrating fifty years in business.

Blame our sentimentality, but we believe that milestones like this deserve a backward glance.  It is appropriate to celebrate longevity at a time when permanence is scarce, and to honor the kind people who helped us begin, grow, pivot, and succeed over this staggering span of fifty years.

It would be the height of ingratitude to not name Doug Calcagni as the first champion of our brand and the catalyst of our longevity.  After graduating from Cheshire Academy and obtaining a degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, Doug formed Sarris & Calcagni Agency with a business partner in Cheshire.  In 1969, he ventured out on his own and created Calcagni Associates Real Estate.

Building Calcagni Associates from the ground up was an amazing and a very rewarding experience for me.  It is humbling to know that the company I started continues to exhibit strong family values and cares deeply for our clients and the people who work there.

– Doug Calcagni

Doug directed our company with great effect for many years, expanding our reach to neighboring towns and diversifying our competencies to include specialized divisions like new construction.  Wise and honest, Doug was a beloved leader.  Though he retired to Florida several years ago, he cameos in many a fond story at our Calcagni offices.

As an enduring and united company, we thank Doug for the love and energy he infused into Calcagni Associates, now Calcagni Real Estate.  He is the first of many special people we would like to honor this year, our fiftieth year in business.


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