Why Do I Need to Have My Chimney Professionally Cleaned?

You Ask, We Answer: Why Do I Need to Have My Chimney Professionally Cleaned?

This weekend marks the fall equinox, and we here at Calcagni Real Estate couldn’t be more excited. Autumn in New England is a magical time; between the stunning foliage, pumpkins and mums, fall festivals, and the first fires in our fireplaces, it’s hard not to love this cozy season! But if you haven’t had a professional chimney cleaning yet, it’s important to do so before you begin using your fireplace again. Here’s why it’s important to get your chimney professionally serviced–so you can get ready to enjoy all the cozy warmth your fireplace has to offer.

Prevent chimney fires

First and foremost, having your chimney professionally cleaned can prevent chimney fires. Wood burning fires release creosote, a tar-like substance deposited by wood when it burns. This substance can build up in your chimney as you use your fireplace, and it’s highly flammable–and that can result in a high risk of chimney fires if the creosote isn’t removed prior to your using your fireplace this autumn. Even a small amount of creosote can increase the risk of fire, so hiring a professional to clean your chimney is important to protect the safety of your home and family.

Inspect for damage from summer storms

Spring and summer storms can leave subtle damage behind that, to the untrained eye, can go unnoticed. Hiring a professional chimney sweep in allows for a proper inspection of your chimney and fireplace to ensure their structural integrity–and that can save you headaches (and money!) down the line.

Send smoke in the right direction

If you’ve ever lit a fire in your Connecticut home only to have the room fill with smoke, you know the misery caused by chimney smoke flowing in the wrong direction. A professional chimney cleaning done in the fall can prevent debris in your chimney from blocking smoke from flowing up and out–and also prevent coughing, watery eyes, and the smell of smoke on your furniture.

Check for critters

Chimneys make cozy homes for critters like squirrels and birds, and the last thing you need when hosting company during the cold months (or any time of year!) is to contend with animals that have made your chimney their home. A professional chimney cleaning can help clear out any nests that have been made in your fireplace, ensuring safety for you and for the animals.

The tools of the trade matter

Last but not least, a professional chimney sweep has tools and expertise that allow them to spot problems–and to fix them. They will check for creosote buildup, debris, cracks or other issues with your masonry, animals who have made nests, and the overall health and safety of your chimney and fireplace. They will be able to utilize their tools to see things you’d otherwise miss, and can provide remedies to any issues they spot during their inspection and service.

Hiring a professional chimney cleaner can help keep your family and home safe while you enjoy your fireplace–from now until this time next year! Need help finding a chimney sweep for your Connecticut home? Reach out to your Calcagni Real Estate agent. With over 50 years as Connecticut’s leading independently owned real estate company, we have many trusted vendors we recommend for keeping your home in top shape.


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