What’s the Best Way to Light My Home During the Winter Months?

You Ask, We Answer: What’s the Best Way to Light My Home During the Winter Months?

Whether your Connecticut home is on the market with Calcagni Real Estate or you’re just looking to keep the winter blues at bay, how you light your home during the long nights of winter can make a huge difference. Creating a warm and welcoming space for you and your guests to enjoy doesn’t have to be complicated, though. With a few simple tips, you can illuminate your home during winter’s long nights, creating a haven that’s perfect for cozying up!

Make the change to warm lightbulbs

The first and easiest way to light your home during the winter months is to swap out your cool light bulbs to bulbs with a warm tone. If your rooms have bright, cool light, they’re great for keeping you awake and illuminating the task at hand–like chopping vegetables, for instance. But softer, warmer light is more inviting and instantly cozier. You can still have a well-lit room, but it will feel more relaxing. Just think of warm light bulbs as setting the scene without having to build a fire in the fireplace. With a simple flip of the switch, your home is ready for winter!

Use table and floor lamps to keep harsh shadows at bay

No doubt about it: Overhead lights make our lives easy. With a flip of the light switch, the rooms of our Connecticut homes are illuminated. But overhead lighting can cast harsh shadows that leave certain corners of the room in the dark; it can also be difficult to relax under the bright glare of an overhead light. Cue the accent lights around your home to create more even lighting and to add more warmth to your space.

Table lamps and floor lamps are ideal solutions to spaces draped in shadow. With warm light bulbs and different types of shades, you can create a welcoming reading nook, draw the focus to a favorite piece of artwork, or highlight an architectural detail in your home that might otherwise go unnoticed. And with lamps of different sizes, you can create evenly lit spaces from below and above, leaving your home aglow and ready to welcome family, friends, or potential buyers to your Connecticut home.

Consider wall lighting

Now that we’ve covered table and floor lamps, have you ever considered wall sconces in your home? Creating a well-lit home for winter may be as simple as consulting with your local electrician. Wall sconces can illuminate entryways and hallways while casting a warm, even glow–and with so many styles available, they can compliment the style of your home effortlessly.

Electrician not in your budget? No problem! You can also find wall sconces that plug into your outlets, especially popular for hanging above your nightstand to create a stylish reading lamp that won’t take up precious room on your bedside table. Whether you choose a single bulb style or sconces that scatter light up and down, wall sconces can help keep dark winter nights from becoming bleak.

Let the light in

While how you light your Connecticut home can make a sizable difference in its cozy factor during fall and winter, there’s no substitute for natural light. Don’t forget to open blinds and drapes during the day to let the light in whenever possible. Sunlight is an instant mood booster, and autumn light in Connecticut delivers its own golden warmth! Whether your Calcagni Real Estate agent is showing your home or you’re entertaining friends and family on game day, a little natural light goes a long way–especially if your guests have a front row seat to Connecticut’s stunning foliage.


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