What Are Common Staging Mistakes to Avoid?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are Common Staging Mistakes to Avoid?

When it comes to selling your Connecticut home, your Calcagni Real Estate agent will be an invaluable resource. They’ll help you determine the listing price, walk you through each step with clarity, and even help you understand how best to stage your home so it draws potential buyers. But if you want to understand more about how to make your home the most appealing it can be, read on. We’re exploring some common staging mistakes to avoid when selling your Connecticut home so you can discuss them with your trusted Calcagni Real Estate agent–and get ready to sell your house!

Pay attention to what potential buyers may want

When selling your house in Connecticut, talk to your Calcagni Real Estate Realtor about the demographics of buyers for your home. Often, this gets overlooked, but it can actually be helpful in how you stage your home for sale. Knowing the types of buyers who may come through your house can be an easy way to tweak how you present your home, ensuring they’ll be able to imagine your house fitting into their lifestyle.

Make it light and bright

It can’t be said often enough: How you light your home can make a huge impact on its appeal! Opening blinds and drapes to let every bit of natural light in, ensuring all bulbs are working, and mixing and matching overhead light with floor lamps to offset shadows will help your home feel brighter, more airy, and more appealing to potential Connecticut homebuyers.

Closets matter

We’ve all been there: Throwing things in the closet when company is coming over to make the rest of the house look nice and clean is an old and effective trick from time to time, but not when it comes to staging your Connecticut home. Why? Because storage space is a precious commodity to many homebuyers, and there is little doubt they’ll be opening your closets to peek inside. Seeing a closet overflowing with stuff can make your home less appealing to potential buyers. Instead, take the time to weed out things you no longer need or use, then use the freed up space to neatly and effectively organize your closet. That way, buyers will see how much space your closets actually do offer–and they can picture their own belongings fitting into them with little effort.

Create space

Last but not least, don’t forget to create space when staging your home. Lighter, brighter, and more airy spaces are always appealing! Even if you have bulky or oversized furniture, you can create space by considering how traffic flows from room to room, and how to make it easier for potential homebuyers to move about your house. (Hint: You don’t want them to have to scooch around furniture!) Remove items that get in the way of traffic patterns and rearrange furniture if necessary to give the feeling of more open space. Your potential buyers will appreciate it!


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