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Some good news on the local real estate front… According to the Warren Group,  “A total of 2,356 single-family homes sold in May, up from 2,290 the same month a year ago. This is the highest number of transactions recorded for the month since May 2010 when there were 2,516 sales. This is also the first time since January that sales volume increased year-over-year.”


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Betsy Bogin & Gina Schumilla

Pictured: Betsy Bogin, Director of New Homes and Land Consulting; Gina Shumilla, Sales Manager, Cheshire Office


Cheshire, CT (June 17, 2013)- Steven Calcagni, President of Calcagni  Real Estate, recently announced the appointment of Gina Shumilla as the new Sales Manager of the company’s Cheshire office, and Betsy Bogin, as the Director of New Homes and Land Consulting.

The change in leadership is a response to the changing local real estate market, creating a need for an expanded management role in the company’s new construction and land development department. In 2008 Bogin Bogin scaled back her role in new construction, and stepped into the position of sales manager in the Cheshire office.  With a growing demand for new construction properties, Bogin’s expertise can once again be fully utilized to oversee development projects.  She brings 35 years of real estate experience and an extensive background in working with both builders and buyers, and taking land from “raw” to subdivision status. “The real estate market is turning around, and today’s home builders feel as good about their sales prospects as at any time in the last 5 years. We are thrilled to have Betsy back in this key role at our company. She is a very effective leader, and has a long history with our company. The timing is perfect for her to step back into this position. said Steven Calcagni.

Gina Shumilla was thoughtfully chosen by Steven Calcagni and Betsy Bogin as Bogin’s successor as Cheshire sales manager. She will be responsible for leading a team of 40 real estate sales professionals serving the town of Cheshire and surrounding communities. “We are very excited to have Gina fill this management position,” said Calcagni, “Gina is an accomplished professional whose energy, creativity and ties to the local community are the qualities that will enable her to lead our flagship office to continued success.”

Gina has lived in Cheshire since 1999 with her husband and three children. Her professional background includes insurance adjusting, management training, and most recently becoming a valued member of the Calcagni team as a successful agent. She loves living and working in her local community and is highly involved in her children’s school activities and organizations. “I am honored to lead a team of such accomplished and experienced agents- almost half of which each have 20+ years of real estate experience. My goal is to capitalize on this experience, grow the team, and ensure that we maintain our dominant market share over the next two decades.” said Shumilla.

Calcagni Real Estate is developing several new construction and commercial projects and is continuing to expand their team of real estate professionals. The company’s deep understanding of the local marketplace and long history of excellent service is evidenced by their industry-leading 24 percent market share within their core towns of Cheshire, Hamden, Southington, and Wallingford. That is more than twice the market share of the nearest competitor, and is still climbing.

The company was honored as a Top Work Place two years in a row in 2011 and 2012, as well as being named Best Real Estate Agency in the “Record-Journal Readers’ Choice Awards 2012” and Cheshire CitizenBest of Awards 2013”, and earning second place honors in the New Haven Advocate “Best of New Haven Readers’ Poll 2013”.

Calcagni expanded into the Southington market in late 2011, opening their fourth office. Larger space is already needed to accommodate their growing team and the office will relocate this month to the Plantsville section of Southington. “The solid upswing of the local real estate market is creating exciting opportunities for our company, our agents, and most importantly our customers.” said Calcagni.

Ives- Front Elevation 2-15-12

The McIntosh Model (other styles available)

Introducing... BISHOP’S CORNER, expertly built by local Cheshire builders, Apex Developers!

Bishop’s Corner offers six elegantly styled new homes to be built on 1+ acre wooded parcels. The generous specification package includes; Master bedroom suite, nine foot ceilings on first floor, hardwood flooring, granite countertops, custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, optional “Green Packages” available, and much more. Priced from $479,000.

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Exterior Home

If you’re looking to get your home sold quickly and for the best price possible, making a good first impression is crucial. While getting your home’s interior in tip top shape is an important piece of the puzzle, the exterior of your home can’t be overlooked.

Here are five exterior projects that all home sellers should deal with before putting their house on the market.

Garden1. Landscaping. Look around your neighborhood and see if your yard stands out among the others. If not, there are plenty of easy fixes that aren’t too costly. Start by planting some shrubs and flowers  (you’ll have plenty of places to shop for plants- Cheshire, CT didn’t earn the title of  “The Bedding Plant Capital of Connecticut” for no reason!) Choose a colorful palate for the flowers and choose those that are easy to care for. In addition, make sure your lawn is mowed and remove any leaves and debris from the yard. Be sure to mulch if needed. You want potential buyers to see a beautifully manicured lawn that ultimately sets the mood for the rest of the house.

yellow house2. Painting. Since exterior paint jobs require more time and effort than painting the interior of your home, it’s normally a good idea to go with professionals. While you won’t need to drop a lot of money to paint your home, real estate experts believe that it’s an easy return on investment. If the color on your house is fading, you should consider sprucing it up with paint. Be sure to choose a color that works well in your neighborhood and check with your agent for suggestions as to what colors sell best (right now yellow seems to be hot!).

4-full3. The Backyard. One of the biggest wish-list items for buyers is a big backyard for kids or dogs to run around in. Make sure to clean your yard and keep it maintained so that prospective buyers can envision using the space. It’s important to make the yard look as spacious as possible, so you may want to consider getting rid of that old tree house or swing set. For those with pools, make sure they are clean and the water is blue.

Roof4. Roof Work. Roofs aren’t always something homeowners think about because they typically last for a long time, but every prospective buyer will eventually ask how old the roof is. This doesn’t mean you need to add a whole new roof, but if you have broken shingles or a leak, fix them. Things like this will come out during the inspection anyway, so if you take care of problems ahead of time, it could save you from having to come down in price. Also, if you have skylights, take the time to clean them while you’re concentrating on the roof.

Front Door5. The Front Door. You don’t need to get a new door, but make sure the one you have is clean and painted if needed. Fix any springs that may make the door close quickly and make sure screen doors aren’t ripped. Also, check to make sure house numbers aren’t falling off and that the doorbell works. Add a new welcome mat and your entrance way is set.

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Close up of a welcome mat in front of an inviting house

Ready to buy your first home, or move up to a larger home for your expanding family?….
Home sales in Connecticut seem to be finally warming up after a five-year chill, as demand gradually builds among first-time home buyers and existing homeowners seeking more room. Historically low mortgage rates, rising rents and relatively positive economic indicators are enhancing consumer confidence and driving the trend, according to the National Association of REALTORS (NAR).

As demand grows, home prices for a median existing home are expected to rise as much as 5 percent nationwide in 2013, according to the NAR. This should encourage existing homeowners who’ve been patiently sitting on the sidelines to consider putting their homes on the market.

Even though the outlook is looking brighter, the hurdles to buying a home in today’s market are significantly higher than they were a few years ago.

Lenders are paying close attention to buyers’ ability to repay a loan, according to, the nation’s leading legal information website. The generally accepted principle is that no more than 30 percent of a household’s take-home income should go toward the principal, interest, taxes and insurance.

Here are some tips about buying a home within the next six to nine months:

  • Start planning now. Even if you’re a year or more away from buying a home, start preparing now. Build up your cash for a down payment plus other expenses that come with owning a home. Check your credit report for accuracy. Pay all your bills on time and zero out all credit card debt. And don’t take on new debt, like a large car payment.
  • Get a pre-approval letter. Home sellers want to know that you can get a loan to buy their home. It’s OK to window shop, but don’t make any offers unless you are certain you can obtain financing. After shopping around for a financial institution, get pre-approved for a home mortgage. Showing a seller a pre-approval letter will increase your chances of your offer being accepted. And don’t be surprised if the seller or his real estate agent contacts your loan officer to verify that you’ve been pre-approved.
  • Build a strong buying position. As the home market warms up, bidding wars will become more common. However, the highest bid doesn’t always win in today’s housing market. Instead, home sellers want to know the deal will go through with smooth sailing. So, today, the highest value is being placed on non-contingent offers (not contingent on the sale of your home), pre-approved financing, higher-than-normal earnest money deposit and personalized bids (share with the seller why the home would be a perfect match for you and your family).
  • Get a lawyer. In some states, the law requires that a real estate attorney be part of the process of making an offer and reviewing loan documents as part of the closing, according to Where a real estate attorney isn’t required, buyers and sellers should consider seeking legal assistance for relatively more complicated real estate transactions, such as purchasing a property directly from the homeowner, the purchase of a rental property, a short sale or the purchase of a foreclosed property.
  • Learn about the neighborhood. When you buy a home, you’re also buying into a community. Start your home search by first targeting a neighborhood where you want to live. Avoid neighborhoods where homes are not being kept up, or yards are full of old cars and junk. Check out the schools, too. Great schools attract families, and keep up home values. Avoid busy streets, homes under flight patterns or near railroad tracks. And contact the local police department for crime statistics and the location of nearby sex offenders.
  • Keep your emotions in check. If you’ve found a home you like, don’t fall in love with it yet. Make sure your offer is contingent upon a satisfactory home inspection conducted by an inspector that you hire (not the seller).
  • Save some extra money. Whether you’re buying your first home or your third, moving and getting a household established can cost more than you anticipated. Make sure you save enough extra money to redecorate your new home to fit your lifestyle, and to pay for unexpected repairs.

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