Spring is here!

 Today is the official first day of spring. Although the weather outside doesn’t really feel like it quite yet, we have been seeing signs of spring’s approach for weeks: Warmer days here and there, birds chirping, people taking walks outdoors, longer days – I love being done with my work day while it’s still light out! All these signs of spring seem to be having amazing effects on people’s...

Summer Solstice is Just Around the Corner!

Even though December 21st marks the shortest day and longest night, this morning when I was walking Scooby, I was actually greeted by song! Yes! And even though it was 4 degrees outside and some of the sidewalks were sheer ice, I could actually feel that spring is on the wing. Birds were out and singing the change! They have been still during these single digit mornings, but this bright, sunny but...

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