RISMedia Ranks Calcagni Associates as Power Broker in 2009 Report

      RISMedia has released its annual “Power Broker Report”, and Calcagni Associates is ranked nationally as being a leader in the industry! This not only shows that we are still heavy-hitters, but that we are nationally ranked for being so. Additionally, Calcagni Associates is only 1 of 5 Connecticut brokerages (out of 600!) that makes the grade in this survey.
     This year, although everyone was feeling the pinch of the lagging economy, the survey celebrated those brokers who not only retained successful transaction numbers, but went the extra mile in keeping focused on coming out of this recession stronger than ever. The theme throughout the survey seemed to be surviving now in hopes of thriving later. “Brokers are doing the things they need to do; things they never dreamed they’d be dealing with,” said Sherry Chris, President & CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate. “The bonus, if you want to call it that, is that those who succeed in this time will emerge as very strong companies when we come out of this.”
     When we come out of this economy (and we will!), we’ll be an even stronger company for having survived it all. We’re thrilled to rank among the top 600 Power Brokers in the U.S. Here’s to a prosperous remainder of the year!
-submitted by Amy Flyntz-Morehouse, Director of Positive Mojo

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