Make Sense with your Real Estate Investment

When a buyer views a property, observations are made with all five senses, which in turn creates an emotional response.  Sellers need to be aware of the sensory responses their home may evoke from a buyer and how these responses may contribute to the perceived value of their home and ultimately how long it may take to sell.

The visual reaction to the home begins with its location, develops with the curb appeal, size and condition, and finally culminates with its overall suitability.  During the visual observation the external stimuli will translate into a sense of touch, creating internal reactions to both the home’s cleanliness and textures. Next, hearing perks up and tunes into the sounds of the area or possibly music playing in the background.  And when the sense of smell kicks into gear, both positive and negative smells may stimulate taste buds. As a rule, it’s usually better to have a home filled with a pleasing aromatic food smell rather than one that is floral in nature.  Negative smells can have an adverse effect on a buyer – something to be avoided.

If a home has some negative features that cannot be changed, always be sure to accentuate the positive ones. Create the best opportunity for a buyer to be able to picture themselves and their belongings in the home. Buyers are not going to want to pay top dollar for a home that is dirty, or overwhelmed by neglected repairs – these things will only devalue the home. 

Remember, price and value are not synonymous.  By creating an environment that is clutter free, maintained, rich with aroma, neutral and serene, the home’s first impression will culminate into a sense of well-being – which translates into value-added – and that makes great sense! 

Written by Karen Charest, REALTOR

with Calcagni Associates Real Estate.




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