American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Get TRUE CERTIFICATION

In 2009 ASHI became the first inspection organization to become the only truly certified home inspector program in existence.

 What does this mean? Many Home Inspectors say they are “certified” in something or by some organization. The real difference is that when an institution certifies you, it indicates that you have met a certain standard for that establishment.

For example, many Home Inspectors are certified by a training school – indicating they have met the standards set forth by that school.

When ASHI Members say that they are “Certified Home Inspectors” this now means that they have met the standards of ASHI with the backing of the NCCA. (National Commission for Certifying Agencies) This is a statement that only ASHI Members can make.

The NCCA is the most recognized organization in the field of personnel certification, ASHI is now in an elite group of just over 100 professional associations setting themselves apart from all others generically using the term “certified”. This is not an easy process to navigate, which is why it does set an ASHI Inspector apart from all the others.

Since membership in these organizations is voluntary, it speaks directly to the dedication of the individual members. Inspectors who subject themselves to this level of scrutiny in order to attain the ASHI credential deserve special consideration when clients are choosing a Home Inspector.

 Now that ASHI has achieved this status as a truly one of a kind certified organization, it will lend credibility to all of its future endeavors which include the development of many other inspection programs. I invite you to learn more about this program and all of the other activities underway at ASHI; you can check it out at

 Continued membership in ASHI demonstrates a high level of commitment by its’ members to continually improve the inspection process for the community at large; this dedication to improving the industry is recognized and rewarded by the consumer when they select an ASHI Inspector to perform their Home Inspection.

Post by:William Rourke
Tiger Group Inc.
ASHI Certified Home Inspector #204841 


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