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Last night’s HGTV’s House Hunters episode, featuring our Realtor Daniela Volo, was awesome! Daniela did a great job and made all of us at Calcagni Associates Real Estate proud! —What was your favorite part of the episode? 

~   Ours was guessing which house our clients were going to choose!  (we also must admit that seeing our Wallingford office’s conference room on national TV was kinda cool too! 😉 )


Check out today’s issue of the Record-Journal and look for an article written about Calcagni Realtor Daniela Volo & her clients’ national TV debut on HGTV’s House Hunters! …

Daniela Volo, a real estate agent for Calcagni Associates in Wallingford, photographed Wednesday, May 23, 2012. Volo will be featured in an upcoming episode of the HGTV show “House Hunters.” (Photo courtesy of Dave Zajac/Record-Journal)

Click the link below to read the story online, which tells about Daniela & her clients’ real estate adventures as they set off on their home search, which included viewing more than 80 homes, some of which were unique, stately and historic homes! (3 of which will be featured on the show).
(Episode is set to air at the end of July- we’ll keep you posted!)