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What Are the Best Deer-Resistant Plants?

You Ask, We Answer: What Are the Best Deer-Resistant Plants? Gardening season in Connecticut is finally here, and we at Calcagni Real Estate couldn’t be happier about it. But if you’re already dismayed by the breakfast buffet your garden has become for neighborhood deer, fear not: There are plants you can incorporate into your garden that may help to deter the deer from feasting on your flowers....

Green Gardening Tips

Some years it seems we have more than the usual amount of rain in the summer.  Some years we can't seem to get enough. Excess rain may give us greener lawns, however it is important to remember that the rain also ends up in the storm drainage system. Any fertilizers or pesticides people use for lawn care can wind up in the same storm drains, which eventually drain into our local waters.  Excess nutrients...

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