Now comfortably settled into the Real Estate field, Nick Sylvester has considered this move since the 90s:  “Sales is my passion.  In 1997, I tried to pursue my license but I was working too many hours to make it to class so I moved on.  Fast forward 20 years.  Now, with my knowledge of construction, sales, and my customer service background, I find it to be a perfect fit.”

A “perfect fit” is indeed the appropriate label.  Nick worked with Superior Hearth, Spas & Leisure for many years, collecting knowledge, accolades, and promotions in tandem with his supreme knowhow.  Now, he is ready to form with clients the foundationally personal human connections derived only from change and beginnings:  “It’s a really good feeling knowing that, as an agent, I am part of something bigger than just making a sale.  It’s someone’s new life, new memories.  That’s priceless!”

Nick found Calcagni Real Estate through one of our Cheshire agents, Norinne Byrne, and his “perfect fit” was again obvious when he met Steven Calcagni and Office Manager Gina Shumilla.  Without this introduction to our team, Nick says that his “Real Estate license would’ve been just another certificate in my pocket.”

When he’s not personifying the cyclical nature of existence and the power of lifelong passions, Nick can be found in our Cheshire office at 330 South Main Street.  He is also available by phone (203.597.7921) and email (


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