Like many companies, we have a selection of non-negotiables when recruiting new agents.  At the top of the list is our expectation that the agent have a sincere passion for helping clients.  The newest addition to our Cheshire team, Alex LaRosa, generously overfills this bucket.

For the past eight years, Alex worked for a real estate asset management firm where his role involved developing and maintaining client relationships, marketing, and sales.  Between advising friends and family on real estate purchases and owning his own investment property, Alex’s daily professional routine focused on real estate long before he began at Calcagni.  Plus, as he says, “Watching HGTV with your mom as a kid counts as experience too, right?”

Alex chose to work with Calcagni because of its reputation for equipping agents with all of the best tools and resources for long-term success.  He also said that “The office is very friendly and helpful, and I like that it’s a family owned and operated business.  The whole team is fantastic!”

With roots in Southbury, a home in Cheshire, and a strong familiarity with much of the Connecticut landscape, Alex’s local knowledge spans many towns and multiple counties.  He is ready to help buyers and sellers in any area achieve their goals.

From his inspiring background establishing charitable organizations (he created a scavenger hunt fundraiser event in Manhattan that generated over $30,000!) to his general kindness and engaging demeanor, we are pleased by the fact that yet another agent who checks the “passion for helping clients” box has joined our Calcagni team.

You are welcome to contact Alex via phone (203.592.8433) or email (


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