Calcagni Agents Take the Wheel!

cell phone laptopCalcagni Associates Real Estate is excited to announce another enhancement to the suite of technology services it offers its agents, assuring they remain at the forefront of the real estate market. Beginning this week, Realtors on the Calcagni team will be able to manage their open house marketing promotion, using a prototypical online program. Remote access from the company’s extranet will allow the Realtors to further track their business from internet-accessible locations, putting them in the best possible position to serve their clients. “Now, more than ever, you need the expertise of a proven real estate company to navigate the market. We’re investing in cutting edge technology for our Associates to make sure they can provide the top-notch service our clients have come to expect,” said Steven Calcagni. “We continue to make investments in the future of our company, which is a great benefit of working with an established business.”

Calcagni believes in investing in the best tools, the best people, and cutting-edge technology, and that has paid off in increased market share in their core towns. “Not only have we increased our market share, but last month, we saw the highest number of sales since June 2007,” Calcagni said. “We’re looking forward to launching this new piece of technology for our Associates to help them do what they do best: provide their clients with the best service available.”

Calcagni Associates Real Estate has offices in Cheshire, Wallingford, and Hamden, and is a fully diversified real estate company offering residential properties, new construction, land consulting and commercial properties. All Calcagni offices provide a range of real estate services including market analysis, appraisals, residential foreclosures, property management and relocation services.

 -by Amy Flyntz-Morehouse, Director of Positive Mojo



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    This sounds very state of the art! This will also benefit your clients.

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