10 Easy Tips to Celebrate Earth Day (and Every Day!)

10 Easy Tips to Celebrate Earth Day (and Every Day!) Friday, April 22 is Earth Day, and that means carving out time to thank our beautiful planet for all it provides us. If you’re looking for more ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you’re not alone! Just a few simple tweaks in how we live our daily lives can go a long way in helping care for our planet, and future generations. Read on for...

10 Easy Ways to Protect the Planet

By Barbara Pronin Most people are aware that Mother Earth needs all the help it can get to avoid running out of resources. But going green doesn’t have to be a daunting task, ecologists maintain. We can all lend a hand to help the planet beginning with these 10 simple tactics: Launder in warm/cold water – If every U.S. household switched the washer from hot cycle to warm/cold, we would save energy...

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