About Eryn Davis

Personal Background:

I grew up in the small town of Dalton Massachusetts and I’ve lived in Connecticut since 2017!


Umass Amherst public health social sciences

Awards or Accolades:

Calcagni team award for living the core values

What do you love most about your town or a particular area in CT?

I like that my area is bigger than where I grew up but it still feels like a small town community where you can walk into a store and see someone you know!

What is your favorite thing to do in your downtime?

I spend a lot of time with with my dogs Sherman, Striker, and Diesel. Sherman and Striker are German Shepard Dogs and diesel is a toy poodle. Of course, I should also mention my cat, Texas Pete. When I’m not with my animals, I love thrifting. Hunting for that diamond in the rough is so exciting!

Are there any talents you wished you had or talents you have and would like to share?

I wish I could speak another language! It would be a great asset to have.

Where or what is your happy place?

Maine! Being outside in nature makes me so happy. I lived outside of Portland for a little while so I’m always happy to return to the area.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory?

I grew up in an area right off the Appalachian trail. As kids, my brother and I spent so much time outside running around in the woods and playing in the stream on our property. It was great to grow up in a place like that. Whenever I think of good childhood memories, that’s what comes to mind.

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