About Cheryl O’Leary

What is your nickname?


Who is the person that influenced you most, and why?

What would I do without my mother, Margot? She has always been the rock in all of our lives even on the stormiest of days. Her loving and caring nature has helped me to evolve into the parent I am today. My children are my proudest accomplishments, and I have always known that what was instilled in me, as a child has followed through into my adult years.

What is your greatest strength?

Creativity is my forté! Better yet I am most creative under pressure. I love to “do things up” as only I can and love even more to do for someone else. My siblings are always complaining that I got all of our mother’s artistic talent – oh well someone had to! There isn’t a day that I am not involved in some sort of project. I’m currently overseeing the scrap booking of a family cookbook complete with recipes and pictures for my husband’s family – even my daughter is involved. I’m getting the sense I may soon have a little competition in my life, after all she has learned from what the girls at the office fondly refer to me as the “resident Martha”!

Who is your favorite writer?

I love to read and have always loved to read. I find that at the end of the day opening that book and escaping into the world of black and white print helps me to relax. I love a good mystery, but I also love to read the cookbook. Give me something that captures my interest and I am a goner.

What is your favorite sports team?

Whatever team my son is playing for is my favorite team, after all I am a HOCKEY parent and that says it all.

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