Alex LaRosa


Cheshire Office - 203-272-1821 ext. 1306


How long have you lived in CT?

I have been a Connecticut resident my entire life, with the exception of living in Boston during my undergrad. My wife, Stacey, and I reside in Cheshire near the center of town within walking distance to the Farmington Canal. Stacey is a Cheshire native, and her parents still live in her childhood home. The theme continues to run in the family, as my parents have been Southbury residents for the past 25 years, and are in the same home I grew up in as a kid. Naturally, our siblings have settled in neighboring towns, which makes both sets of parents extremely happy.

What is your nickname?

My wife calls me Chef Al, as I love to cook! The name has caught on, and I must admit, I feed into it. We love hosting dinner parties for family and friends. I like to mix it up and try different recipes any chance I get. My favorite dish to make is chicken parmesan, probably because I love the way the house smells when I make sauce from scratch. It’s a labor of love, but the final product is well worth it, especially when sharing it with a big group. Should you be inclined, check out my Instagram at #chefal.

What is your favorite time of the year?

Definitely the spring. I am an avid cyclist, so I am always checking the forecast in the days leading up to warmer weather. If it’s over 50 degrees, sunny, with light wind, you’ll see me out there. I enjoy taking care of our lawn, and love when the forsythia and rhododendron are in full blossom. Better yet, it’s the time of year Stacey and I can frequent the trail for walks with our rescue pup, Rosie.

My favorite local spot?

I couldn’t pick just one, but we love the Watch Factory for authentic Austrian cuisine run by chef Markus Patsch. His whole staff takes pride in customer satisfaction, thus, enhancing the experience for all. Not to mention, the food is amazing! I really like that Markus comes around table to table, introducing himself to newcomers, as well as spending a few minutes with his regulars. His personalized touch and attention to detail are unrivaled. Other great spots include Shef’s Bagels, Sweet Claude’s for ice cream and Cheshire Coffee.



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