You’ve probably seen our List Local. It Matters. signs around your community.  With local history, knowledge, and priorities, we effectively serve our towns.  Given our fondness for all things local, it’s appropriate that our newest agent, Aaryn Russell, is a lifelong Hamden resident.

When Aaryn decided to become an agent, our presence in her hometown made her choice of companies an easy one:  “Growing up in Hamden I’ve always seen Calcagni For Sale signs in many of the neighborhoods I’ve lived in, so joining their team was like walking into a familiar place.  I can feel confident that they are known and trusted in the community.”

Aaryn is not just the right fit for our company; she is the right fit for real estate.  The best agents recognize the privilege of participating in this business and the generosity of clients who share significant life changes with us.  As Aaryn says “Homes are such a personal part of people’s lives.  From selling to renting to new construction, having the opportunity to figure out what’s ideal for a client is exciting to me.  I consider myself lucky to be involved in that major portion of someone’s journey.”

Aaryn is available for your call or email and can be found in our Hamden office…although you’re welcome to simply join her for an ice cream at Arethusa!


Cell:  203.507.3477

Office:  203.288.1821 x 1408