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 Although you could put up a sign, have an open house, even advertise, Calcagni can do things you can't do yourself:

  • Establish a realistic price using market research
  • Provide greater exposure through MLS and our Realtors
  • Tap all of the potential buyers who are looking at other Calcagni listings
  • Help overcome buyer objections
  • Make the process smoother by negotiating for you and making sure contingencies are followed up
  • Provide pre-qualified buyers
  • Provide purchase and sales agreements

 Neither. Statistics show agents provide the real marketing muscle. 90% of buyers come from agents as a result of their contacts. Only 10% come from open houses, newspaper ads and the Internet. The truth is, open houses are a better way for agents to make contacts than to sell your property. As for advertising, only one in every 360 to 400 people will buy a house they see in the paper and call about it, but the real estate firm meets another prospect. So why have open houses and display ads? Because they strengthen the real estate firm's network, and the net result is bringing in more qualified buyers. 
Because it makes better sense to price your property at our researched market value. First, it will attract serious buyers who feel they can afford your home instead of thinking that it's overpriced or out of their range. Second, you won't lose the first month's prime marketing time or run the risk of the property getting "stale." And finally, after months on the market, you won't panic and sell the house for less than it is worth.
In the world of real estate, big isn't better. While the national chains certainly have a lot of listings, they lack the personal service, top management involvement and first-hand knowledge of the area that's so important. The truth is, if you're not native, you're not networked. We've been a fixture in New Haven County real estate for so long that we have strong relationships and a real pulse on the market. We also have a vested interest in the area because we live here. Calcagni Realtors are very active in their communities, and Doug and Steve Calcagni sit on a number of local real estate and business boards. Finally, for many large firms, real estate is only one of their businesses. So they try to sell you a "package" deal that includes inspection, financing and more. We have one business and one business only: real estate. As for those other services, we feel you should have freedom of choice.