Wendy Disler


Wallingford 203-263-1821 ext 1217
(203) 444-5306

How long have you lived in Connecticut?

I was born and raised in Connecticut and have lived here my entire life. We’ll just leave out the number of years that’s been!

What is your favorite time of year in Connecticut?

There is something I love about each season but if I had to choose one, it has to be autumn for the crisp air and beautiful fall colors.

What makes you happy?

This may sound cliché but I am most happy when I am spending time with my friends, my granddaughters or my twin grandsons. It’s when I do the most laughing. I am also very happy and it warms my heart to hear when friends and family are being successful in their lives.

What’s your favoite childhood memory?

The summers seem to last forever and I loved the fireworks on the 4th of July. I used to pretend, okay I still do, that they were for me since my birthday is the next day. My mom used to call me her left-over firecracker.

Why did you choose to get into real estate?

I have always helped friends and co-workers, even complete strangers, in any capacity I was asked and I derive a lot of satisfaction from being able to help someone who needs it. So I knew I would enjoy helping people find their personal space. I’ve had both great and not so great experiences in my own real estate transactions and I am determined to make sure my clients have a great experience finding their home.

Where did you work previously?

I retired early from SNET/AT&T after 26 years in order to care for my elderly parents and try to keep them in their own home for as long as possible.

Why did you choose Calcagni?

After two very relaxed and friendly phone conversations with Jennifer, the office manager, I knew I wanted to set up an interview with her. The interview was simply an extension of those phone conversations; very warm and inviting along with great reasons why Calcagni would be the best place for me to be successful.


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