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How long have you lived in Connecticut?

I have lived in CT. all my life, born and raised in New Haven. My wife and I now live in Hamden, CT. with our Bulldog.

What are your favorite local spots?

My favorite local spots include East Rock and West Rock Park overlooks, Branford Shoreline, Playwright Irish Pub in Hamden, and Caseus and Modern Apizza in New Haven.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

My wife and I love taking road trips; always excited to explore new areas of New England on a weekend. I enjoy building things, hiking, soccer, pub trivia, libraries, book groups, and I love animals.

Why did you choose to get into real estate?

My father was a Broker and property manager when I was growing up. His success in real estate was due to his honesty, integrity, an ability to cultivate great long-term client relationships, and his incredible carpentry skills. I wanted to be like him. And make money. That is what led me to becoming a residential contractor, and more recently, a Realtor.

What previous work experience do you have?

I was a residential remodeling contractor and rental property manager for many years.

Why did you choose Calcagni?

I wanted to join a Brokerage that had a reputation of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and frankly, high sales numbers. I loathed the idea of being associated with the “used-car salesman” feeling that I got from some of the other Real Estate companies I interviewed with. When I walked in to Calcagni, it was a breath of relief; I was presented with a great team of Realtors and staff, led by a seasoned professional Manager, in a modern, attractive office. I wanted to be part of that team.

"Steve is a great realtor. He's extremely professional and very thorough. And he is more than willing to go the extra mile. I asked him to show me one particular place. He showed me that... plus five others that I didn't even know about. I chose one of the places that he recommend. He has a very old fashioned belief in customer service and professionalism. He's a rare guy that way. Plus he's kind and fun. I cannot say enough good things about him. Class Act. He's the best!


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