About Rosa Martone

What makes you happy?

Simple. Being surrounded by my family and friends. I also love authentic, Italian desserts!

How long have you lived in CT?

I came to the United States from Italy when I was 9 years old. I have lived in Connecticut ever since!

What is your favorite local spot?

It is impossible to pick just one spot! However, I do love to go shopping and support the small businesses that make up our communities.

What is your favorite time of the year?

My favorite time of the year in Connecticut is the summer. The warm, hot summer spent at the beach with a book is my favorite!

What is your favorite child memory?

One of my favorite childhood memories would be spending the summers at the beach in Sorrento, Italy.

Anything else you would like to include on your web-site?

I speak fluent Italian and I love a good deal!

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