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What is your nickname?

My family fondly refers to me as “Mary” as in “Mary Poppins”, because I am a perfectionist. When I have a job to do, I take pride in doing it to the best of my ability. I go the extra mile, and don’t give up..and I expect that of others.

What is your best quality or greatest strength?

Caring, honesty, and integrity. I truly care about people. I treat people in and out of the office the way I would want to be treated myself, with honesty and integrity! Only by treating people this way are you rewarded with the same, and make friends for years to come.

Who is your favorite hero of real life?

Jackie Kennedy Onasis! She was a woman of great beauty, style and intelligence. She lived her life with grace even at times of extreme adversity.

Who is your favorite music group?

It is hard to choose just one. I have a great appreciation for music, which probably stems from my many years of playing the flute. I played a variety of music, from classical sonatas in my private music lessons to pop/rock in a high school garage band (the highlight of which was playing in my high school talent show). I enjoyed playing in the orchestra of our school plays like “Hello Dolly” and “The Sound of Music” and playing in ensembles at the Neighborhood Music School in New Haven. I still play on occasion, although I am a little rusty. I really enjoy listening to my son’s band (he plays the electric guitar) as they progress. I like to critique them as they rock in my basement.

What talent would you most like to have?

I wish I could really sing. I like to pretend I can, and start many days singing to my children to wake them up, which drives them crazy! Now if I just had the talent to match the will!

What are your hobbies and interests?

I have been skiing for years. It is one activity my family and I enjoy doing together! I enjoy reading a good book, and belong to a book club with some friends. I have been playing bridge for a few years, and feel like there is still so much to learn! And although I have been attempting to grow orchids for years, I just recently joined the Connecticut Orchid Society to learn from the masters.



“We wanted to take a moment to let someone know the amazing experience we had with our search for the right home via Nancy Lydell. We started a few years back looking for a ranch house in Cheshire. Since we have some health challenges, we had to be a bit picking with what we required. When we weren’t finding what we wanted we expanded our search outside of Cheshire. When we found something and then questioned if we could maintain the large yard and exterior needs, plus our family needs changed, we suddenly switched to looking at condos – again being very specific with our requirements.


Through all of this, Nancy never wavered, complained, lost patience, or anything. She was there with us through all of our changing needs as a true professional and dedicated, hardworking agent. She was always pleasant. She was always helpful. She had great ideas and suggestions on where to look or how to try and make something work. She was so patient with us – especially when one of us liked a place and the other just wasn’t feeling it was right. Plus, in the very beginning, I was clear that I did not want phone calls from an agent. This was the result of an agent from a different company who called me, unsolicited, and said I had contacted him and we had to buy a house from him. He became rude and threatening and we vowed not to have phone contact with agents due to the harassment by some. Nancy honored that wish and when we had become comfortable with her, and we had told her she could call, she still texted me the first time she wanted to call. She needed to explain something to us in detail – as a true professional she double-checked via text before making that first call months after we had already been dealing with her.


We cannot thank Nancy enough for all she did. Her patience paid off for us, as we found the perfect condo that we love. We wanted to be sure someone else knew what a wonderful agent and person that she is and a great asset to your organization. Please share this with everyone in management – Nancy is that great and we want all to know it. The only sad part of this, we won’t have contact with her any longer. Nancy Lydell is truly amazing and we will miss working with her.”


“My husband and I met Nancy at an open house in Cheshire. We immediately felt comfortable with her and signed on with her as our agent.
Ten months later due to Nancy’s patience and expertise we are in the home we are happy with even with such a difficult real estate market. Nancy’s expertise saved us from many possible disasters, and when we were too anxious to think clearly she would lead us back on the path to reason.

Nancy is a beautiful person in and out, and we are so thankful to have met her, she is honest, very knowledgeable, and puts making her clients happy a priority. Nancy made this experience a great one, and we highly recommend her to anyone in need of someone who has so many great qualities that make her such a great agent. Frank C. and Victoria P.

“We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the competence and integrity of Nancy Lydell of Calcagni Real Estate…”


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