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How long have you lived in Connecticut?

I grew up in Newington and went to Bentley College just outside of Boston. After college, I stayed in Boston for 5 years before deciding to move to Cheshire to raise my family.

What part of Connecticut do you live in and why?

I live in Cheshire with my husband Nick, children Michael & Olivia and our dog Rocky. My husband grew up in Cheshire and always wanted to move back so our children could grow up here. I fell in love with the town the first time visiting. It is a wonderful town to raise children! We also have our parents, siblings and aunts, uncles and cousins in town. Cheshire is home to us!

What is your favorite local spot?

Mixville Park is my favorite local spot. It is very peaceful and quiet. It is a quick get-away for all seasons. In the summer, I bring a beach chair and the kids dig in the sand and splash around in the pond. There is also a nice playground and huge hill for sledding!

What is your favorite time of year?

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year in Cheshire. Every weekend is a new adventure with all the farms in town.

What tip would you give someone moving to your hometown?

I would suggest they drive around town at different times of the day because it would help to determine the area of town you choose to live in. The number one reason we chose our house was for the location. We love to walk to the trail and visit the coffee shops.

What makes you happy?

What makes me the happiest is spending time with family and friends surrounded by good food.

What is your favorite child memory?

As a child, I spent every summer at Point O’Woods beach in South Lyme, CT. I stayed outside playing with my siblings and cousins until the sun went down. Now as an adult, Point O’Woods serves as a place where we go for the weekends with our own children.

If you moved today and only had one box to take with you, what would you put in it?

The scrapbook my sister made me of my childhood, my scrapbook from studying abroad in Italy and my iphone. The rest of the box I would fill with snacks.

Why did you choose Calcagni?

An extended family member is a Realtor with Calcagni. My husband and I worked with her to buy our home in Cheshire. Since then, I always thought I would love real estate as a career. Calcagni has a great group of people who know the local market very well.



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