Maryam Taylor

REALTOR at Calcagni Real Estate

  • Certified New Homes Specialist (CNHS)
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • Residential Construction Certified (RCC)

About Maryam Taylor


My parents who instilled in me a sense of wonder about the world we live in. Dad is an author & great story-teller. Mom was (and still is) a doting mother. The focus on family was premier and still is to this day. Also, my husband, who is a constant source of positive reinforcement and inspiration in everything I do.


I love meeting new people and building relationships which is why I found real estate such a perfect career for me. I genuinely care about people and enjoy getting to know them and helping them realize their dreams. It is always striking how despite the diversity and variety of our experiences, we are all essentially the same.


I have been happy to call Connecticut my home for the past 34 Years but my favorite vacation spot is my hometown of Hyderabad, India. The weather is beautiful, it’s history goes back to 1 BC, and the culture is one of warm hospitality and grace.


My childhood was spent in the tea estates of southwest India surrounded by jungle and the sounds & sightings of elephants & tigers.


Dream big dreams. It’s miraculous what one can manifest in one’s life. No matter how dark or impossible things may seem, a positive outlook brings positive solutions.


Throughout my real estate career whether it is a first-time home buyer or one of my new construction projects I have drawn from past work experience as an entrepreneur, environmental lab manager, insurance sales office manager, & a mother. They have all taught me to build a cohesive team that could handle turning out quality work in a time pressured environment.

Are you part of any organizations, teams, philanthropic, groups, etc?

My real estate career has lead me into the wonderful world of Rotary which I have served on the board of directors, Sargent at Arms, Vice President and in 2017 as President. Rotory follows the guiding principles and values of service, fellowship, diversity, integrity and leadership and allows me to follow my passion to make a positive, difference, lasting change in communities local and worldwide.

Why did you choose Calcagni:

I love the family feel of Calcagni, we all work together so well and genuinely care about each other.

Language: Hindi Urdu

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