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How long have you lived in CT?

Born and Raised 59 years

What’s your favorite locals spot?

The Notch Store is iconic Cheshire. It is the gathering of people of all different ages who want to grab a casual bite to eat, coffee etc. and chat about politics, sports and what’s going on around town. You can always find a cribbage game going on with the local cronies.

What’s your favorite time of year in CT?

I love Spring and you get a lot of Spring in Cheshire as it is the Plant Bedding Capital so flowers are blooming in abundance in Cheshire at all our local growers and their markets and stands.

What tip would you give someone moving to your hometown?

Go to a Friday night football home game and you will get a true sense of our community. Sports and band enthusiasts cheer their children and all their talents. Neighbors and friends socialize and children run themselves ragged playing outside with their friends.

What makes you happy?

Having all my family together on a beach with a bunch of kayaks!

What’s your favorite child memory?

Waiting at the end of my street on my bike for my Dad to come home from work and racing him to the house. He always let me win!

What part of CT do you live in and why?

We live in Cheshire because it is a beautiful, peaceful place to live and we felt it would be a great place to raise our family. The Small Town aspect appealed to us and yet the surrounding cities offer all we need in the way of dinning, sports, culture and recreation.

If you moved today and only had one box to take with you, what would you put in it?

My jewelry (i can’t lie), iPhone ,all the rugs my Mom has made for me, my golf clubs. Wait, how big is the box?????

How long have you been part of the Calcagni team?

30 years


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