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What is your motto?

All people meet for a reason. Always be humble, respectful, and courteous.

What do you believe?

I believe and value family most of all, and I treat all my friends as if they were family.

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea, which is very similar to New York City. I came to Florida when I was 15 years old, and tried to fulfill my soccer dream. In high school, we won the State Championship, and I got the MVP in State All Star game. I also made the State Team to compete in National level. Those were some of my favorite childhood memories. My family lived in three different countries and it truly was a great experience. I am a Taekwondo instructor and we teach CRISP Determination which is an acronym for Courtesy, Respect, Integrity, Self-Control, Perseverance and Determination. I work very hard to fit those words in my life and I want the same for my students. That is how I handle my family and what I want for professional career as a Realtor.

What are you hobbies and interests?

As I mentioned, I teach Taekwondo and I also love playing soccer and golf. Also I love photography and capturing beautiful moments, people and places.


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