Kara Reynolds


Southington - 860-621-1821 ext. 1514


Personal Background:

Customer Service & Marketing

What is your greatest strength?

I consider my best strengths to be empathy, the ability to put people at ease and creativity. All these attributes have helped me be successful throughout my marketing and patient advocacy career prior to becoming a REALTOR. I have an ability to make people feel valued and comfortable. I am able to come up with creative solutions to even the most unique situations. I have a strong love for music. Because of this, the talent I wish I possessed is the ability to sing. Don’t get me wrong–I do sing, but that activity is best done when I am alone for the benefit of everyone!

What is a little-known fact about yourself?

A little-known talent that I possess is that I am an abstract artist. Until very recently this was strictly something I did as a personal creative outlet. However, people began praising my work and that encouraged me to explore some public art displays. I have since sold and commissioned several pieces and have had my work on display in a local gallery.

What is your motto?

My Motto is: We Rise by Lifting Others



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