Joel Grossman

New Business Development Director, BROKER ASSOCIATE/REALTOR at Calcagni Real Estate

  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • Graduate, REALTOR Institute (GRI)

About Joel Grossman

What made you consider a career in real estate?

The question always brings a smile to my face as I recall when I was a child of 6 or 7 years old and Sundays always revolved around family. My father would take us on a drive through the country where we would eventually stumble across a new subdivision. My Dad would ask if we should stop and without any protest from me, we were touring “open houses.” Being the adventurer of the family, I was happy discovering the new gadgets (as I called them) such as dishwashers, built-in ovens and the like, all the time imagining what life would be like living in one of those houses. The man or woman that would be present at the open houses also amazed me. They were impeccably dressed, super friendly and seemed to enjoy what they were doing as they talked about the new homes and all of their gadgets. Real Estate agents! I love you Dad!

What is your motto?

“It doesn’t hurt to ask the question.” This one I owe to a wonderful woman that I worked with early in my career. Linda possessed a passion for accomplishing what most people said could not be done. We worked together in the 80’s on commercial rentals. Often we would get requests by prospective tenants to have items included in the rents that would raise a few eyebrows. Linda would always say, “What have we to lose? It doesn’t hurt to ask the question!” We rented a lot of real estate in those years and made our clients extremely happy!

Who has influenced you the most?

There have been many people in my life that have made an impression on me, however one person stands out – Mr. Robert Brown. Bob Brown was my first department manager at Caldor. Bob was a big imposing guy, who had a great heart. Bob taught me to take the “t” out of “Can’t.” Whenever a situation occurs that can’t work or I’m told can’t happen, I remember Bob saying, “Take the “t” out of can’t!” In real estate, I often hear people say something can’t work or this can’t happen or I can’t do this. I simply assure them and say it can and then go on and make it happen. Thank you Bob Brown!

What are you hobbies and interests?

Some people would consider me a “health nut” because good eating habits and keeping in shape are both high priorities for me. You can find me 5 mornings a week hitting the weights or riding some high tech climbing machine or spinning away on a stationary bike at Physique Plus in Cheshire. Boy, does all that make a difference when my day includes touring 5 or more houses with clients. Try climbing stairs; walking land, dodging stunt drivers on roadways and helping clients make a major purchase decision all before lunch and you will understand why healthy eating and a good workout are so important. It makes doing the things I enjoy so much more fun.

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