About Jake Mezzanotte

Personal Background:

Grew up in Farmington, Connecticut and attended Farmington High School. CT Native and know the market well, huge fan of sports and played soccer, baseball, and wrestled for most of my sporting career. Went to the University of South Carolina and got my degree in Business Administration and Public Relations. Has a home in Westbrook, CT and spends Summers there on the beach.


Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Public Relations from the University of South Carolina Graduated from Farmington High School in 2016.

Real Estate Specialties:

Worked for Marcus and Millichap Boston since 2018. I specialized in the sale of medical office space and single-tenant retail assets. Over my tenure with the team, I helped us close over $500 million in transaction value and oversaw prospecting and underwriting responsibilities for several deals ranging across a variety off asset types which has provided me with the knowledge on how to execute a real estate transaction from beginning to end, even on the commercial level.

Bilingual talents:

Can read and understand Spanish – can help assist in translating to English

What is your best quality or greatest strength?

The commitment I have made to myself to constantly be trying to achieve more and my fear for complacency. I will be working night and day to assure my clients arrive at their desired outcome all the

while knowing that there is always more I can be doing and I will never settle for average. I know how valuable each hour of the day is and I take full advantage of my time by constantly challenging myself and pushing to learn new/more efficient ways to succeed.

What is one of your hobbies or interests?

I have a severe interest in European Soccer and particularly Manchester United. I have followed that team and the sport for over a decade now and feel it is unique as many Americans do not have a passion for nor pay attention to sports occurring outside the United States. I hope to go to England some day soon and watch Manchester United win the league when the opportunity presents itself! (if they start winning that is).

What is your motto?

This too shall pass.

What make you happy?

Making those I care about and love happy! I thrive off of the emotions my peers are experiencing so I always try to bring the group moral up and always have high energy. In this environment, I am extremely happy as I love being around those who are in good moods and happy to be around me. That is why this job is fulfilling for me, as I can help those who I care about (the clients) arrive at a desired destination (the property) and in doing so will make them happy and arrive at their goal, while also arriving at mine.

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