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How long have you lived in Connecticut?

I moved to Connecticut in 1999 from Stuart, Florida.

What part of Connecticut do you live in, and why?

I live in Cheshire because my husband transferred here and we fell in love with the town.

What is your favorite local spot?

I love the linear trail that goes right through the town. I love running with my dog on it or taking the kids bike riding.

What is your favorite time of year in Connecticut?

Spring is my favorite time of year. Just when you can’t stand another cold day, you start to see buds on the trees and tulips and daffodils poking through the ground. It makes me so happy to know new life is on its way.

What tip would you give someone moving to your hometown?

Take advantage of the festivals and fairs that go on in towns throughout Connecticut.

What makes you happy?

A warm day, shopping, and sharing a glass of wine with my husband.

What is your favorite childhood memory?

I grew up on Long Island, so I remember going out on the sound on our family boat and tubing.

If you moved today and only had one box to take with you, what would you put in it?


How long have you been part of the Calcagni team?

I joined my second family in 2010.


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