Doug Blackwood


  • Residential Construction Certified (RCC)
North Haven Office - 203-234-1821 ext. 1417


How long have you lived in CT?

I’ve lived in CT my whole life. I was born in Hartford and grew up in Madison. Other than my years spent in college in Mid-State NY, Connecticut is where I’ve always called home.

What part of CT do you live in and why?

My wife, 2 kids and I currently live in East Haven. I’ve always been drawn to the shore. While I love hiking and being on the mountain top, the coast is a magnet for me and my wife.

What’s your favorite local spot?

That’s tough to say. While I enjoy going out now and again, I enjoy staying in as well. We’re definitely a fans of Wood ‘n’ Tap in Hamden as well as World of Beer in West Hartford and Milford. And of course who doesn’t love Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven.

What’s your favorite time of year in CT?

This is probably a common answer for this question, but autumn is a no brainer. I love winter and spring, not much of a hot summer guy but autumn in New England is to die for. The trees changing colors, the Fall Festivals everywhere and the cool nights and warm dry sunny days. What’s not to love?!

What makes you happy?

I’m a happy guy to begin with! My kids are an obvious starting point. I have a son and a daughter and find that I am learning as much from them as I am trying to teach them. They keep me moving and I can never wait to see what exciting thing they have for me next!

If you moved today and only had one box to take with you, what would you put in it?

I don’t know that I could pack it with memories! I guess I would pack some of my favorite movies. I love all genres and can get lost in any good story, which is why I would also try to fit in a couple of my favorite books as well.



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