• Commercial and Investment Real Estate Certified (CIREC)
  • Certified New Homes Specialist (CNHS)
  • Residential Construction Certified (RCC)
Wallingford Office - 203-265-1821 ext. 1275


How long have you lived in Connecticut?

I have lived in Connecticut my whole life.

What’s your favorite local spot?

My favorite local spot may be Chatfield Park, in Killingworth. I really enjoy the outdoors, and Chatfield offers many different amenities: fishing, hiking and/or running trails, a small beach area, grilling areas, and a walking bridge over a marsh, and so many little nooks to allow you to enjoy nature.

What are some of your hobbies and interests?

I enjoy finding fun jogging spots around Connecticut with my dog, hiking, and reading for both entertainment and educational purposes.

Why did you choose to get into real estate?

After graduating with my bachelor of science degree in Sociology, I knew I wanted to have a career were I could help people. Buying and selling real estate is a big investment, and I love being able to provide a service to help reduce the stressors that can be attributed to buying or selling a house. I love that every day is a new challenge, and every day is different. Like people, no two properties are exactly the same. Each have their own charm to discover, and I love being a part of that discovery process.

Where did you work previously?

I previously worked as Family Violence Victims Advocate. I counseled victims of domestic violence through the court process, safety plan, and if needed finding shelter.

Why did you choose Calcagni?

I chose Calcagni because I love what a far reach Calcagni has across Connecticut, yet continues to maintain a small, family like feeling between its agents and staff. Calcagni also shares similar beliefs as me, such as honesty, trust, and working hard for the client.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d just like to thank anyone who took the time to learn a little bit about me, and I look forward to working together in the future.




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