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What is your motto?

Treat people, animals and the earth with respect.

Who are the people who influenced you the most?

There have been so many poeple along the way who have has a great influence on me, some of them would be shocked to see their name mentioned and some would expect to be, but I'm way too catious to start a list. The list would be way too long and I mayght forget someone and hurt their feelings, so I'll just keep them in my head and in my heart.

What is your favorite time of year?

New England is wonderful. All four seasons, in my opinion are beautiful; they truly are, but Spring brings new life, so if I have to have a favorite, that would be it.

What makes you happy?

People! I really like people…it sounds corny and canned but it’s really true. I can find good in people 99% of the time. I enjoy helping people which is why my real estate career has lasted almost 25 years so far. I don’t get tired of helping people, and I love making people laugh, and also listening and hearing their stories and offering advice when appropriate, and sometimes when it’s not I’m sure! I think that all people are equal and should be treated that way. I love spending time with my grandchildren; Luc, I see the most because we live close to each other and I just love spending time with him. I love playing golf, playing cards, painting, doing ceramics, reading and I totally love my dog Clyde!

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Picnics were a serious thing when I was growing up!! My mother would literally pack up the kitchen, on Sunday she would make a roast with all the trimmings, or some other delicious meal, fresh homemade bread all the time, all kinds of homemade desserts. She would pack all that up and we would drive to Baker Lake about 15 miles from our house. There were picnic tables there but you had to get there early to get one, and we always did. Those were some of the best memories of my life!

If you moved today and only had one box to take with me, what would be in it?

My photo albums, and the letters from my son when he was in the Air Force.

Who is the living person you admire most?

The new Pope!

How long have you been part of the Calcagni team?

Since they opened the Wallingford office in 1991. OMG, what great memories!


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