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People Who Influenced Me the Most:

My parents: they instilled in me a sense of wonder about the world we live in. Dad is an author & great story-teller. Mom was (and still is) a doting mother. One could not have asked for a better set of parents while growing up. The focus on family was premier and still is to this day. Also, my husband ,who is a constant source of positive reinforcement and inspiration.

Greatest Strength:

Relationships. I genuinely care about people and enjoy getting to know them. It is always striking how despite the diversity and variety of our experiences, we are all essentially the same.

Favorite Vacation Spot:

My hometown of Hyderabad, India. The weather is beautiful, it‘s history goes back to 1 BC, and the culture is one of warm hospitality and grace.

Little Known Fact About Me:

My childhood was spent in the tea estates of southwest India surrounded by jungle and the sounds & sightings of elephants & tigers.


Dream big dreams. It’s miraculous what one can manifest in one’s life. No matter how dark or impossible things may seem, a positive outlook brings positive solutions.

Work Experience:

Entrepreneur, Environmental Lab Manager, Landlord, Insurance Sales Office manager, mother. The lab experience taught me to build a cohesive team that could handle turning out quality work in a time pressured environment. I really enjoyed training people to a level of excellence that surpassed their expectation of themselves. It was an easy segue into managing a sales office, I still had the chance to deal with people, helping them realize their goals and dreams.

Hobbies and Interests:

Dates with my husband, gardening, cooking and reading….after a full day of pursuing my real estate goals.

"With all your knowledge, and determination, we did sell our condo, and I firmly believe it would not have happened so soon if we didn't have your help."

"Maryam Taylor is a wonderful agent who was able to help me sell my house in these tough economic times."

"I admire this professional and would not hesitate to choose her as my realtor in any real estate transaction I may enter into."

"Your kindness, patience and determination made the best possible outcome come to fruition."

"...thank you so much for all the things you did for me and being there when I needed you."


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